What is it:

Event of Stand UP Paddle (board with single oar propulsion) on Sunday on the distances of 9-3 km.


Where it takes place:

Water mirror in front of Lignano Pineta (piazzale Marcello D’Olivo) and Lignano Riviera.
Regatta course viewable on the site in the appropriate section.


The following categories are foreseen:

Race 12’6 “and 14 ‘: distance Rigid and inflatable tables longer than or equal to 12’6” and not more than 14’.
All Round: distance 3 km Rigid and inflatable boards of less than 12’6 “.
Mega Sup: distance 3km, for teams of up to 6 people for each single mega sup
All tables must have a single paddle propulsion.
Tables of different sizes and different distances by category or other configurations (eg goliardic tables, etc …) will be able to participate outside the classification (eg 14 ‘who wants to carry out the 3km / all round in 9) the participant will be given the arrival time.


To whom it is addressed:

Event open to all, there is no discrimination of sex, age or religion.
Minors can participate with the written assumption of responsibility on the part of parents or guardians.


To participate in the regatta is mandatory:

Wear the shirt of the event.
Have the lanyard attached to the table (Leash) connected.
Wear the life jacket for non-expert swimmers.


Recommended equipment:

Water or moisturizing drink in tow
Glasses bound


Registration phase:

At the dedicated registration desks (pre-registration is recommended at www.supracelignano.it) registration registration on the day of the event.


Mandatory security rules:

In the event of an emergency, all participants are obliged to stop, provide assistance, call attention (large gestures with their arms) to the rescue workers located along the route.
Those who retire must necessarily pass at the arrival or in a very exceptional way to communicate their withdrawal to the number 380 7046967 (otherwise the harbor master’s office will be alerted).
All maneuvers that may jeopardize one’s own safety and that of others are prohibited.


Alignment boards at the beach:

Going down the stairs east side (left) for All Round 6-3 km, west side (right) for the Race.
The starting signals are placed at the head of the breakwater.


Starting procedures:

Red flag – “align in line with the white and red poles position on the table while seated”
Yellow flag – “imminent departure”
Prolonged sound of trumpet – “departure”.



Three laps for 9 km.
A ride for 3 Km.



All maneuvers that may jeopardize one’s own safety and that of others in particular in departure, in buoy and in crossings are forbidden; anti-sporting attitudes are also prohibited.



Arrival at the beach leaving the table to the employees.
Press the red button.
Pass the bracelet at the reader.

Bic Sup One Design Kids Challenge:

Elimination path with batteries for male and female age groups with the following categories:
KID 7-8-9 years
JUNIOR 10-11 years
YOUNG 12-13-14 years
Departure from the beach, turning point, arrival at the beach, with 11-foot boards and paddles provided by the organization.
Meeting at the right side of the entrance to the beach.
Compulsory life buoy provided by the organizers
The Bic Sup One Design Kids Challenge regulations will be applied.


BIC One Design Kids Challenge race:

Two positions dedicated to the inscriptions will be set up.
Opening hours 8.50 closing at 10.00 am beginning of the race 10.05
At the time of registration will be made to wear a colored bracelet according to the category, without distinction from sex (be careful to remove any similar bracelets already worn by the participants.
The regatta field consists of a buoy placed at a variable distance according to the category (the distance can be changed at any time at the discretion of the organization).
The departure will be carried out by the water with the table on the side and paddle in hand (lifejacket obligation and t-shirt provided by the organization).
The buoy will be turned leaving it on the left.
The arrival will be on the beach running, abandoning board and paddle in the water.
We provide batteries of 5-6 one-design boards using only paddles made available by the organization.
The first of each battery is qualified (in the case of categories with few participants the first two, however at the discretion of the organization)
The participants will gather near the departure for the skipper meeting where the rules of the race will be explained briefly.

The participants with the bracelet of the color corresponding to the category (first the kid and then the others) will be called to collect at the closed park and raised the corresponding flag.
Batteries will be taken from the group (5/6 participants, if possible, of homogeneous height, however at the discretion of the organization) dividing the males from the females.
The batteries will be started (first the females); on arrival the bracelets of the unclassified will be cut, therefore the only one to keep the bracelet will be the first classified (or first two in the case of categories with few members) to whom will be put another bracelet of the same color (only in the first phase to avoid mistakes with those who have already spent the battery).
We will proceed with the batteries until the entire category is exhausted (color) and we will proceed similarly for the following categories.

When the first phase of batteries is exhausted, the color of the category will be called again (calling the previously qualified participants for collection with the double bracelet intact) and proceeding as before (only the first classified will retain the bracelets).

You will get to the last drums that will decide the first three classified male and female (only at that point will be asked the name and surname of the participants and compiled the list below).

In the case of the category with few participants once the first batteries are exhausted, it will immediately pass to the final phases.



The arrivals will be rewarded as expected on the site in the appropriate section.


Final rules:

Those responsible for the event reserve the unquestionable right to:
Change routes, times, categories, departure and arrival procedures, timekeeping, safety measures.
Disqualify equipment not considered suitable (eg changes to the Race tables to be included in the All Round parameters).
Prevent the departure from persons not considered suitable for their own judgment.
Disqualify participants who contravene the rules of the event.
Any protests (for important events occurring concerning in particular security or serious unsportsmanlike attitudes) must be communicated to n. 389 07046967 no later than 1.00 pm; the event managers reserve the right to accept them or not at their own unquestionable judgment.

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Amateur Stand Up Paddle regatta, LONG DISTANCE 10-5 Km

Co-event Bic Sup One Design Kids Challenge