The association N.E.K.A. a.s.d. was founded in 2002 with the aim of promoting the practice of Kitesurfing. This name remained until October 2013.

The association is a non-profit organization. Over the years, with the emergence of new sports complementary to Kitesurf and Windsurf as Wave Surf and SUP (Stand Up Paddling), needs of enthusiasts changed and also the name of the association. From November 2013 it will be “North East Watersports Association Sports Association and it is affiliated to UISP (Italian Union of Sport for All). Need to change its name was discussed and then unanimously approved to receive either all the living water sports present in the associative statute, in order to provide insurance protection to all its members in the practice of these disciplines.

Again this year, the association aims to get the opportunity to practice water sports during the summer season along the Lignano coast with the institutions supporting sport activities. For this N.E.W.A. a.s.d. seeks authorization and license to practice in certain weather conditions and ensures the safety of practitioners and observance of the constraints and rules of authorizing bodies and licensors.

To obtain these results N.E.W.A. a.s.d. needs to increase the number of subscribers and, therefore, the association visibility.


With membership card N.E.W.A. a.s.d. you will become member of the first Association of water sports in North East Italy.


Scarica il modulo di ammissione soci alla N.E.W.A. a.s.d.


Download of the NEWA A.S.D. associaton statute.


A Stand up Paddle Manual useful to integrate rules explained by the instructor of a federal school ISA.


A quick review of the safety standards for all, experts and beginners … because certain things are never repeated enough!