Also this year it will be held in Lignano the most important Italian SUP event of the year:

SUP Race Lignano

The event has been planned for Sunday 1st September, 2019.

Edition 2018, despite the bad weather of the previous days, has been characterized by inscription of 150 athletes and fans coming from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy and even foreign athletes from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland and Germany and by the presence of a large public.

The objective we always follow is to create an event usable by the largest number of practitioners. For this reason we decided to renew the format by adding a short 3 km distance.
The FORMAT of the 2019 edition will be developed on 2 distances: 9 and 3 Km.

The event was conceived and organized by NEWA a.s.d. under the patronage of Comune di Lignano Sabbiadoro and made possible thanks to the high technical contribution of Consortium Ethics, the provision of beach and logistic from Lignano Pineta SpA, as well as with the participation of many water sports and others fields sponsors.

The spirit characterizing the Sup Race Lignano is determined by the passion of the N.E.W.A. a.s.d. President Claudio Marosa, that, in pursuing the goal of spreading the water sports, managed to attract a growing number of fans, who in pure spirit of volunteerism, spent almost a year to the realization of this beautiful event.

Starting from the previous editions results this year, we expect the inscriptions of at least 400 athletes. Consequently, we are planning to create an event logistically getting bigger, while maintaining its non-profit spirit, will be enriched in professional contents both in competition and in the fringe events.

  • We created the site of the event that will permit the direct management of the inscriptions. The site contains all the information about the event and the history of the same
  • We have created a dedicated completely automated hardware and software system for the management of the race times (transponder), which will give highly professional results
  • We involved the local facilities for the reception and the pre, during and post-race event handling

  • Piazzale Marcello d’Olivo for the placement of the promotional stands
  • Placing of flags on the beach at the starting line
  • Banners in the web site sfor the Brand promotions
  • Advertising spaces on the informative material to be distributed to sponsorize the event
  • Your brand statement to the press in interviews and press releases


  • Availability if interested in attending the event and in which way
  • Availability to attend the event giving equipment in use for the race (boards and paddles)
  • Supply of T-Shirts and Lycra with your brand on one side and the event logo for all the participants
  • Supply of gadgets to be distributed during athletes validation and in awarding of prizes


We thank you in advance for your time and please contact us as soon as possible to talk about the potential of the event and learn together how to participate.